• The LORGAVENS management team brings more than 25 years of professional experience with core commercial real estate & investment competencies acquiring high Value-add and Opportunistic commercial real estate properties delivering high yields to our respective investors.

    Our Asset Management team makes the end-to-end investment process very easy, friendly and profitable by completely educating our partners on our due-diligence, business plan approaches and different short & long-term exit strategies. Equipped with a keen sense of evolving trends, we are able to consistently identify opportunities that yield continuous positive passive income flow and build wealth in the form of long-term asset equity. 

    Our investment philosophy is “Build Wealth & Grow Together” by improving the asset value, increasing investor’s net worth & equity returns safely and contributing high quality rental housing opportunities to residential communities.

  • Leadership Team
  • The founder of LORGAVENS has overall 30 years of entrepreneurship expertise in various lines with 20 plus years of dedicated real estate experience. The strong pillars of the company were built by seasoned real-estate and investment professionals dedicated to pave the road for our investors to realize their dreams of building long-term wealth and financial future. 

    LORGAVENS management team is built-with highly qualified principals with advanced degrees in Management & Technology and experience in various executive roles. This previous exposure has helped to improve the ultimate performance of the company’s residential, commercial, retail, parking, hotels and resort investments, leading its acquisitions, financing, leasing, operations, and disposition efforts.  

    • LORGAVENS team has in-house subject matter experts in the below commercial real estate disciplines:
      • Property Acquisitions
      • Financial Analysis & Underwriting
      • Construction Management
      • Property Management
      • Overall Asset Management